Tap Beer Deserves Draught Line Perfection

Pure Tap provide service to more than 10,000 taps across the Midwest

The quality of your beer is in the line.

Great beer deserves draught line perfection. Which is why Pure Tap delivers nothing short of that. Our unique draught line cleaning process has been developed over a decade and thousands of hours of hands-on experience. Attention to detail, superior equipment, effective cleaning solutions and our passion for craft beverages all set us apart.

Our roots in draught system cleaning have led to seeking perfection with the entire beverage system. Pure Tap also provides the following services:

  • New Draught System Installation
  • Cocktail Line Conversions
  • Tap Line & System Rehab
  • Beverage Gas- CO2, Nitrogen & Generators
  • Glycol Chiller Maintenance

From keg to tap, Pure Tap is your trusted partner for providing an exceptional draught beverage program.

*Pricing is based on a one to six tap direct draw system

Our Featured Services

Draught System

  • Scheduled 2 week Cleaning Program
  • All services Provided by Micromatic Certified Technicians
  • Safe & effective cleaning solutions with superior equipment
  • Additional inspection and recommendations of your entire beer system & components
  • Draught system education programs for you and your staff

Glycol Chiller Maintenance

  • Glycol bath temperature checked
  • Strength of glycol tested
  • Build-up on chilling coils checked
  • Inspect and clean motor(s) and vents
  • Clean and check condenser
  • Inspect for leaks and proper insulation                                                             

Tap Rehab

  • Make your beer lines like new again
  • Clean beer lines maximize your profits
  • Renewed tap system for thousands $$$ less than line replacement
  • Minimal disturbance to your daily routine while rehab is performed
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